Shanghai Manhattan Bar Oct 20, 2010


ShanghaiManhattan bar

Wednesday night in Shanghai.  Oct 20, 2010


Manhattan bar

Add: 154 NanYang Rd (near XiKang Rd)
南阳路154号 (近西康路)
Tel: 6247-6656

Some friends rolled into Shanghai late and they gave me a call.  Where is the best spot in Shanghai to see lots of women?  My first thought was ladies night.  As I looked at my watch and it was almost 12 that idea was shot.  Shanghai Muse 1, 2, 3 passed thru my mind but that was a bust the last 2 nights I went.

The only spot in Shanghai with a guarantee amount is women Manhattan Bar.  I walked in around 12 and the place was 80% packed.  I would say 60/40, 60 women 40 men.  The good thing it’s a bar not a club.  A bottle of Chivas sets you back 600 RMB, where Muse charges 980 RMB a bottle.  Getting a table was pretty hard.  Every table was packed.  My friends loved that it was packed.  The first 10 minutes we approached by 5-7 Thai girls.  They were not tall but they were very full figured and sexy.  The next few girls that came over were from Vietnam.  They were cute sexy but very very short.  I would say 5 feet with the 3 inch heels.  The guys were so happy when the girls said they looked cute.  Hahahahah!!

They had a sort of live bad, one guy on a guitar and another girl singing.  The girl singer was Pilipino. The guy looked Chinese but I didn’t ask.  The music was good, her songs all from the 80’s.  Given the whole bar looked as if they came from the 80’s.

Then we were visited by a strange girl that had a big bow on her head and so much clothing on you would have thought it was -10 inside the bar.  She then told us she was Shanghainese.  Good try, after I said a few Shanghainese lines she walked away!  Never liked crazy women!

Next came the dancer on the bar.  I miss the pole dancers; Shanghai wanted to look like a clean city and made all the clubs and bars in Shanghai take away the brass poles.  No more pole dancing in Shanghai.  The Chinese girl started to do belly dancing, she was very good.  I think the tour bus from India stopped at Manhattan that night.  There were about 25 Indian guys inside and they were impressed with her dance and what she could do with her belly button.

As we were going they thru the second bottle some cute Thai come over and had a chat, we invite then for drinks and they chat up the guys.  2 girls leave 2 girls stay not bad.

The next dancer comes on with some tight jeans and a cut off top.  The girl has some serious tat’s on her body.

As I look around the bar I notice that almost all the girls are carrying Channel bags.  That seems to be pretty interesting.  I have a conversation with a group of girl and they started to talk about the Channel bags.  The funny thing is the hot cute girl said they had the real ones.  I asked them for the price and they were right 28,000 Rmb for the model she had.  She said a foreigner went to Plaza 66 to get her a gift and that is what he bought her.  The other less hot women said they got them as gifts but doubt they were real.  They said the guys didn’t go with them so they never believe the guy saying it was real. The other brand that seemed hot was Gucci.  The bags they got were not that expensive and they said they went to the store with the guy to buy them.  The bags run about 3000 RMB-5000 RMB.

It’s about 2:15 and was 3 bottles down and they head back to the hotels.  The 2 Thai girls leave with them.  We decide to look for more action, we drove to Muse 1 and they were closed.  Sky was still open but only a few people left.  So it was time to head home.

Rating 4.18 out of 5
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